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There's a housing problem! There are far too many families that struggle to provide a roof over their heads. Those that are employed full time often earn too little to own a home or can't afford to rent suitable housing. They often move in with friends or relatives, make temporary housing arrangements and some are forced to live in their cars. This is an unacceptable condition.

To compound the problem, outdated zoning laws routinely block attempts to build alternative housing that families can afford such as starter homes less than 1,000 sq ft, Accessory Dwelling Units, and Tiny Homes on foundations.

U.S. cities and counties have largey bought into "housing policy adventures" that are not family focused, instead putting renters and prospective homeowners at the whims of local politicians.

There's no simple solution but we're doing our part. In addition to designing, building and promoting affordable housing in the USA, as resources are made available, we're also engaged in construction of affordable housing units abroad.

We can assist with affordable housing construction consulting, floor plans, construction drawings and renewable energy solutions. If you represent an NGO, as part of our consulting services, we can also create a website to present your project to the public.

Our mission is the development of affordable housing with sustainable energy efficient features while providing training and resources to BIPOC housing development organizations and other underserved groups. We envision actively working with public and private organizations, NGO's and private individuals to help them attain their housing development goals.

Join us! ✎ and support our efforts to build affordable housing or submit a request for consulting, design and construction assistance on your project. Below are links to County/City ADU plans to inspire you towards creating your own unique building plans.

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