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Our Focus

Affordable Housing | Renewable Energy | Solar Workshops

Housing Design & Development

The cost of housing has placed home ownership out of reach for a significant percentage of households. We've placed our focus on the design and development of affordable housing with integrated renewable energy features that can be economically constructed in the USA and abroad. We're creating a catalog of small footprint studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom affordable home designs and making them available online for purchase. Two model homes with integrated renewable energy features are planned at our international site. Once completed we'll offer tours and workshops to illustrate the complete design-build process for partners and collaborators.

Renewable Energy

The future points to a greater use of renewable energy resources to meet our energy needs. We design and build a complete line of portable solar power generators to provide an independent source of basic electrical power for daily use and as a disaster preparedness electricity solution. Our renewable energy solutions are suitable for home, office, remote sites, travel and micro-businesses. Portable units provide standard 120VAC/60hz with 2 USB ports, home solutions provide 120/240VAC 60hz. These integral solutions are not an afterthought, but rather an essential part of the vision we have for development of affordable housing. We believe affordable housing must also drastically reduce energy expenses and provide essential emergency backup power as core "standard" features.

Solar & Eco-Housing Workshops

Are you interested in learning about solar power solutions and affordable eco-housing construction? Schedule a "Skillabtour"! Visit our international site and pick up valuable new skills you can use for a lifetime. Whether you're a DIY homeowner interested in learning how to install your own off-grid power system, or you want to learn more about current renewable energy solutions for your home, business or non-profit projects, we offer you an informative, interactive and enjoyable learning experience that will empower you to take the next steps into renewable energy and the many options of affordable housing construction. Learn while you travel! You'll get hands-on training and come away with a solid understanding of off-grid solar systems and eco-housing construction.

Grow with Us

After 20+ years in the housing and renewable energy sector, in 2024 I took the bold step to launch Kerawa Works,Inc. I'd like to fuel the growth of Kerawa Works, Inc. with like-minded individuals with complimentary skills and experience in Architecture, Engineering, Crowd Funding, Construction and Affordable Housing Non-Profits in the USA and abroad. We've acquired property to develop a housing and renewable energy incubator for training and showcasing solutions. We're actively building our team and if our mission to create affordable housing, manufacture portable and fixed power solutions and providing skills training in the renewable energy sector interests you, I invite you to Join our Team.


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